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Simply Christmas
Times 7
Rhev 21

What Others Are Saying About  "Simply Christmas" Reviews Needed!
"I picked up the album off of iTunes. All I can say is wow. The playing is flawless, and the sound quality is fantastic. My personal favorite (for now) is track 8 - great call on having a soulful singer on that cut - it works very well and it is by far the best version I have heard of this song. It's a tough call though, as every cut is good. I am right that I hear some George Winston influence? There's a contemplative aspect of your playing that is always present, but never at the expense of melody or time. Nice job!"
Mark Diodati
We are in need of more reviews and comments for Simply Christmas. If you've purchased a copy or even if you've simply listened to the free previews, please take a moment to send us your objective feedback regarding the recording.

If you are a member of the media, please consider writing a formal review for your publication. Complementary copies of Simply Christmas are available to all members of the media. You may request a copy by completing the contact form and providing the name of your organization, along with a valid email address.

Thanks in advance!
"I LOVE the CD. I'm listening to the tracks right now! Your rendition of Mary, Did You Know is the best I've ever heard! You should be so proud. Thanks for sharing. I've just ordered several copies to give as gifts along with one for myself. Merry Christmas!"
"If you haven't listened to Simply Christmas, you're depriving yourselves of something quite beautiful. Dan is unbelievably talented. If you can swing it, I sincerely encourage you to purchase this CD. It will be played in your home on Christmas for years to come. It doesn't get much better than this."
Doug S.
"Extremely well said!! 'Quite beautiful' - or even gorgeous! We just ordered the CD. We're looking forward to listening to it a lot this season and in future ones!"
"Very nice! I went on the website and listened to the CD. You’ve got talent and could
always impress this old 'play-by-ear' band mate. It's nice to hear that your talent has gone to the next level by producing wonderful music that I will enjoy this Christmas. I also like that your wife and son are involved on a few tracks."
"The CD is lovely! It is powerful in places, and calming in others. Dan puts a special touch on some of my favorite Christmas Carols."
"We found this to be a pleasant and skillful rendition of our Christmas favorites. It really highlights your musical talents, and is definitely on our play list for the holidays."
"I enjoyed the medleys very much. Although they were slightly different than the conventional melodies broadcasted during the holiday season, the selections of songs are from a list of my traditional Christmas favorites as well. The melodies were clean, crisp and light and connected me with the spirit of Christmas as it should be."
"This is an incredible CD! My Christmas CD collection is immensely enhanced with the addition of Simply Christmas. I listened to it for the first time this past weekend and I was blown away. It is a beautiful collection of songs that are presented with your own perspective, passion, and emotion - and it comes through to the listener. I'm glad you included my favorite song - Ave Maria - the greatest ever written/composed in my view."
"The CD was excellently done. I enjoyed the beauty of each  piece. I loved the
echo of a large church in the Ave Maria song, and the purity of Emily's
voice. Mary, Did You Know was gorgeous. I love this singer's voice. Silent
was the most enjoyable to me. Dan and Garrick expressed this ageless song beautifully with their instruments. Thank you for this lovely production."
"Simply Christmas is a soothing, ambient collection of familiar Christmas songs that are uninhibited by the commercial hooks and overdone expressions of most holiday music interpretations. The result catches your Christmas spirit off-guard, and brings you to evocative questions of what is the true nature of this religious holiday. Inquisitive without being subversive, evocative without being sensational, pure without being fanatical, Simply Christmas pushes the listener through gentle melodies to redefine the seasonal Christmas experience."

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